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Project Description
CRM maps is all about using current mapping technologies such BING Maps, Google Maps, Nokia Maps and perform actions on records to perform the following:

+ GeoCoding - using Workflow, plugins and JQuery/REST Services

+ Display - using SilverLight or AJAX Controls that can interact with GeoCoded Entities (OOB or Custom)

+ Route Calculation - Simple point to point and and multipoint routing. Working in simple point to point route using AJAX (just because I'm comfortable with JQuery and AJAX) and also this will help me implement quickly with BING and Google Maps. Not sure about HERE at this time.

+ Analytics - Use some of the simple PowerView features using SilverLight in a Dashboard setup for those who don't have the luxury of licensing SQL 2012 and SharePoint 2010. Plotting Opportunities that meet a certain criteria and also bring in associated Entity and aggregate data.

All of the above will be simple features that you can download and customize them to your needs. Goal is to provide framework on basic setup and scenarios that utilize these features.



UPDATE: Oct 10th, 2013

Custom Workflow Activity using Google Maps

Providing a solution with Google Maps GeoCoding custom workflow activity that is adapted for CRM 2011 Online. Source is updated to reflect this change. Next Update will be a HTML Web resource that is generic to show a marker and some info on click on a form. In near future will provide a generic plugin that can be customized to work on any entity that needs GeoCoding if need results of geocoding faster. Check my post on how to setup .

Google Maps Custom Workflow Activity


Update: Oct 11th, 2013

GeoCode Plugin using BING Maps

Hey more goodies. I was able to complete the Geocode plugin that works with any OOB or custom entities. Please refer to my post on setting up the plugin. I have tested this on CRM 2011 online and CRM 2013 Online. Enjoy. On 2013, was able to test an update on Account entity.  Check my blog for setup

CRM Maps Plugin using BING Maps


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